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Our Thermal imaging contains of Thermography which is the investigation and dictation of heat separation. Thermal imaging inspection enables you to see visual issues, errors or losses which may somehow go undetected. You can get the all issues earlier and can prevent problems into difficult issues.

Thermal imaging provides inspection, Survey & there mapping using professional radiometric thermal camera and drones.

Our services securely and rapidly identify hotspots and regions with abnormal temperatures utilizing our drone Thermal Imaging Service.

Together aerial and mapping procedures, it can distinguish thermal sources over large regions. Perfect for applications in the coal business, our thermal survey can provide can give very exact data geo-referenced thermal and heat maps.

By using the professional UAV thermal imaging instruments we gives high resolution thermal and advanced photographic records in either unedited or completely processed format with inspection reports.

Infrared cameras indicate you thermo graphic issues, figures them with exact non-contact temperature estimation, and record them consequently like a flash.

Where you can use these drones?

  • Industrial Plants
  • Oil and Pipeline inspection
  • Offshore Rigs
  • For Environmental & Bio-security
  • For Solar Panel Inspection
  • At Power Distribution Inspection area
  • For building inspection
  • At Mine Site etc.

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