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LiDAR is a one of the surveying system that estimates the distance to an objective by targeting the objective with a laser light and estimating the acknowledged signal. It can be calculated by the time and the pulse was sent and when the pulse was acknowledged means that the distance of the objective, by estimating the acknowledged wavelength the direction can be estimate.

Provides you a drone based LiDAR survey system for collecting relief data from the surface. Currently many traditional remote sensing methods are unable to collect the accurate geospatial data as a result of high vegetation obstruction on the ground, our LiDAR system are capable of producing accurate 3D point cloud data in real-time.

LiDAR scanning has a wealth of benefits for various sectors and projects. From creating 3D geo-referenced models of buildings to mapping and identifying assets on major project site, LiDAR applications are growing in scope and popularity. 3D LiDAR based point clouds are at the leading edge of innovation when it comes to mobile laser scanning systems. We have worked with many enterprise to create systems and software to deliver exceptional results in the field. Our drone based LiDAR workflow have made data acquisition straightforward for any survey job, meaning that costs are saved on surveying professional as well as mapping duration.

A LiDAR sensor will have the advantages for delivering the geo information in vegetated regions where the ground level is so important and electrical cables.

Benefits & Feature

  • 3D Industrial objects or structures
  • Mapping of little highlights for mapping of, like high voltage electrical cable line.
  • 3D Digital Surface Models, cleaned for non-ground highlights, viz trees and so on.
  • 3D Digital Elevation Models of interest regions.
  • Estimations of volume of stock piles.

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