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A standard advanced camera or Human eye can find in three obvious color group, red, green and blue. We use these to see our existence in shading and know the spotlights, by the shades our eyes recognize. Hyperspectral systems used at Aerizone can identify a plenty of ranges taking into consideration perception of up to 300+ spectral groups.

Our hyperspectral camera estimates the light reflected by plants, these reflections then design the changes through the span of the developing and advancement cycle vary when plants are affected by stressors like winds, storms etc. These cameras also measures the detectable and infrared light bits of the electromagnetic spectrum giving you more clear picture than with the human can see alone.

Fusion of data and processing methodologies joins Hyperspectral Imaging Information with a scope of complimentary sources including satellite observations and terrestrial sensors. We outline our analytical software to represent climate and other ecological conditions to precise yield analysis and predictions.

Farming by scientifically driven skill.
High adaptability to target specific issues.
Most exceptional and data rich innovation.
Specific analysis for Crop-Region.

We have determined a custom-fabricated, industry driving Hyperspectral UAV analytics for:

  • Spectral index research and development.
  • Mineral and surface composition surveys.
  • Plant health measurement.
  • Water quality assessment.
  • Vegetation index calculation.
  • Full spectral sensing.

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