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At Aerizone we always aims to deliver latest technology to manage drone-acquired data designed with advanced analytics for the operational needs of mining industry with highly accurate georeferenced data.

Information by the Ministry of Mining in India says that the utilization of Drones can be exceptionally valuable in mining to confine the human exercises in unsafe and dangerous areas and additionally for the observation to control unlawful mining exercises.

We help Govt and private. enterprises to become more productive, smarter and safer using latest sensors and UAVs.

Aerizone’s drones are deployed to conduct a wide range of important tasks including.

  • Burst Issue monitoring
  • Trailing & Drilling Deposits management
  • Contouring
  • Digital Surface Model
  • CAD based Analytics
  • Slope Analysis
  • Wind row checking
  • 3D point cloud generation


  • Drones in mining provide cost effective and fast ways of doing mine surveys.
  • It minimizes human intervention during surveys which ultimately reduce the risk.
  • Drones help in enhancing mine planning and stock measurement.
  • Drones enhance the productivity since it saves time and minimizes the cost.


Volumetric Analysis
Stockpile Management

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