From the Leaders in Drone Data Technology


Filming industry has seen a drastic change as gear has got smaller, lighter and more sophisticated. The challenging shots which previously was captured with helicopters and Cranes are now being captured by drones. Whether its a car chasing shot or an action sequence shot on a top of multistorey building drones can capture breathtaking views from all directions.

Aerizone specialises in taking cinematic shots by understanding and fulfilling clients requirements. whether it’s plug and play sensors or a high-end cinema camera weighing couple of Kilograms we can help you capture the breathtaking visuals in no time.

  • HD Footages.
  • 4k Footages.
  • 5k Raw Footages.


  • Unlike bulky helicopters, the drones can also get down to ground level, with smaller shadows and less air disturbance.
  • Drones can start a sequence inside a building and end up at 400 ft altitude in one uncut shot.
  • Its comparatively less expensive than renting other camera gears of same capabilities.


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