Sep 25, 2019 BLOG

Women: Future Drivers of the Drone Industry


The Drone industry, like many other industries is deprived of female participation. Women are performing well in Industries such as banking, healthcare, clothing, handicrafts, hospitality. But one industry which does not see the presence of many women is the aeronautical sector, to be specific, the Drone industry.

The reasons for this lack of number of women in this industry are the pre-existent stereotypes, lack of support and motivation from the society. The history of this in-balance in gender goes back to the basic designing of drones. Drones, as a machine were designed to be a man’s toy.

Women, for a very long time were not part of the spectrum. But, this is changing, today many Drone based organisations are being led by women and have women as strategic decision makers. Even though change is happening, the rate is very slow.

Women, as a stereotype are not seen competent enough for technical jobs. They are often concentrated in functions such as marketing, HR and sales. The technical, manufacturing and ‘getting into the dirt’ part is done by men. This is true with the drone industry as well, as jobs such as of the pilot, videographer are undertaken by men.

Tasks such as marketing, HR, Business development are given to women. All over the world, Drone organisations have organisational structures which comply with these societal stereotypes. These facts are backed up by Statistics showing the job distribution in organisations in various countries.

For example, in the UK, 88% men occupy positions in Drone companies and only 12% women are involved. France has 86% of men and 14% females in their companies. USA has 87% men and 13% women in their companies. These were just general statistics, to be role specific. Women occupy just 2% of the jobs as a Pilot in France, and 1% in Canada. These statistics are very low and disappointing.

We are living in the era where women such as Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico, not only managed her work life brilliantly, but also managed to keep things balanced at the home front. Besides this, women have proven themselves time and time again to be highly efficient and productive, even more than men in many areas.

Despite this, many organisations doubt the ability of women to manage technical tasks and prefer men to do them. Diversity based on gender is very important in organisations, Women have to be encouraged to step out and compete with men. It is not just about bringing women in the Drone industry in general, the emphasis is on encouraging and motivating women who have the talent, knowledge and skills to perform at par and better than men.

Although complete removal of this stereotype and integration of women in drone companies having technical duties in majority might seem like a long way to go, but things have started to change as women are taking strategic top positions in many Drone companies all over the world.

But ultimately, it is our duty as a responsible society, to bring capable women in the front and change the world for the better. Because as we all know, women are capable enough to bring us into this world, hence they are also capable of changing the Drone sector for the better, and we as a society, just have to support them in this pursuit.