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Making the multispectral survey is extremely powerful step to make maps for accuracy in agriculture, a particular methodology in farming turns to increase the profit with more productivity and less ecological effects. It can b e possible to order developments, figure out the expected production, checking the nutritional state for the fertilization management, by monitoring the water stress on irrigation system, observing the plants health and so on.

In ecological study, remote detecting allows to identify shallow fittings on chemical-physical composition of surface and water, because of finding and mapping the toxic materials or shallow erosion. Moreover, multi-fleeting investigation are helpful for forest inspection, as to avoid the fire chance or to break down the plant health.

We do multispectral imaging using our industry particular drones and high end multi-channel and multispectral camera payloads. The operation is utilized over a wide range of uses including exact bounding, environmental evaluations and research projects.


  • Screening the region of potential flooding.
  • Marine and waterway contamination location.
  • Decide exact information of Amount, Height and types of tree conservation and identification of vegetation.
  • Find the accurate location in emergency response situations.
  • In Agriculture.
  • To identify the regions where Crop failure.
  • To limit the utilization of fertilizers, sprays, wastage of water.
  • To identify irritations, diseases and weeds.

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