Sep 30, 2019 BLOG

Rooftop Damage inspection using Drones- Moving towards better accuracy


One can assess surface damages on houses, buildings with ease as it is visible easily and the repair procedure is not difficult. But when it comes to damages on rooftops, things get a bit tricky, one has to send manual workers up on the roof using ladders, and using other risky ways.

It is one thing to climb on a ladder and assess the damages on a two-storey house, but when it comes to big houses, skyscrapers, factories, this is not the best alternative as it puts the lives of the workers at risk.

It may be fine to take such risks if the results are precise, but that is not the case. The surveying process of a damaged rooftop is difficult, using manual scales, tapes to assess the damage, the results are not always accurate. Assessing the cracks and damages on rooftops is a tedious task for human workers, the level of accuracy needed is not achieved.

Human errors occur and the measurements taken are not proper, hence it affects the quality of the final repair done, and eventually leads to a failed project with cracks still left to be filled. This is where machines come handy, the machine we are talking about here is Drones.

Unmanned Aerial vehicles which are capable of flying at high altitudes, high speeds and are equipped with high quality cameras and sensors which are capable of capturing high quality, accurate aerial shots.

Drones, operated by pilots from the ground, will be able to take high quality pictures of the damaged parts of the roof and map the entire area of the roof. Later, by analysing the collected data by drones, thermal images will be generated which will show the exact measurements, depth of the cracks, damages and will provide a direct path for repair to the ground workers. Using such accurate and precise data, rooftop damages will become fast, efficient and more accurate using Drones.

By integrating Drone technology into rooftop repairs, cracks and damages on rooftops will become a thing of the past.