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Indian railway owns and operates more than 121,407 Km of total track and more than 100,000s bridges and tunnels all over the country. As one of the most far-reaching infrastructure managers in the country, it has wisely turned toward unmanned aerial systems to increase its productivity, performance and time-sensitive reliability of rail-based public transport. Indian Railway has already completed aerial surveys of various ongoing projects and is confident that drones are a viable solution to the problem at hand.

Our drones can reach a velocity of up to 30-50 mph and hover at a desired location. With affordable capabilities like this, we are confident that the aerial monitoring of any construction activity is just the beginning of effective drone implementation for Indian Railway. It will also allow inspections to be carried out by air without closing the railway and will help in improving performance and reliability. Using a drone means it significantly can reduce the number of times the railway send its engineers onto the tracks.

We are committed for the deployment of this new technology that will optimize overall O&M and reduce delays for projects as well as passengers.

In this regard, we have extensive experience in terms of

  • Orthoimagery
  • Track Inspection
  • Aerial 2D and 3D models
  • Advance Analytics in AutoCAD
  • Superimposition of CAD Drawings on Aerial data
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Structural Inspection
  • Aerial 4k Videography
  • Project Documentation
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Linking CAD and Drone data to Google Earth


  • Drones datan can detect hazards and prevent from causing accidents.
  • Drones provide easy access to maintenance in Remote location.
  • It covers large area in very small time which ultimately reduces the risk of danger.
  • It has stored data to give detailed information about the pre and post inspection for future comparison.
  • Drones detect all anomalies right from vegetation growth to damaged structures to mitigate production downtime.


Linking CAD and Drone data to Google Earth
Aerial 4k Video
Structural Inspection
Thermal Inspection
Superimposition of CAD Drawings on Aerial data
Advance Analytics in AutoCAD
Construction Monitoring
Track Inspection

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