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Reduction in forest cover has been a severe issue for a few decade now. Authorities are taking all possible measures to keep a check on deforestation.A drone equipped with advanced sensors can enhance surveillance and reduces the amount of time and manpower to cover such a large forest or land areas substantially. Keep a check on wildfires, illegal activities like cutting and trade of forest resources. Presence of drones with ability to work efficiently at day as well as night using night vision has proven to serve as a deterrent to poachers and illegal loggers.

  • Emergency Mapping
  • Search and Rescue Missions
  • Prevent Forest Fires
  • Plantation Planning
  • Seed bombing


  • Applications will include studies over a large range of forestry fields.
  • Get analytics such as forest dynamics, species detection, forest disturbance evaluation.
  • Get details of small gaps which were difficult to be measured accurately using satellite imagery.
  • Quick implementation requirement in the variety of situations that occur in the sustainable management of forest.


Seed Bombing
Seed Bombing Drone
Search Missions
Prevent Forest Fire
Plantation Planning
Fixed Wing
Emergency Mapping
Drone Helpmo
UAV Environmental Monitoring
Night Vision

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