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It is always a gigantic advantage to any technology when they can be to utilized for the benefit of everyone –, for example, to help the crisis administration or emergency services to keep individuals safer. Our emergency response service do extraordinary work regularly despite adversity and in troublesome conditions Fitted with night vision equipment for optimized search search and rescue mission where every second counts. Drone can be deployed in many instances quicker than a helicopter, are more affordable and can fly at lower altitudes making it easier to discriminate between human and animal forms.

It is also important to remember that the use of drone technology is not going to mean that less emergency services personnel are needed.


  • Minimising the effort for data collection which includes photos and videos.
  • Reducing the need for deploying human into dangerous situations.
  • Faster response management with real time data delivery ensuring accurate service measures.
  • Providing a easier method to analyse the collected data.


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