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Here drones can make a huge difference. Instead of analyzing over line drawings and elevations in CAD, a more proactive approach is to analyze 3D data with complete aerial analytics. A key advantage of thinking about aerial analytics rather than drawing is that they are highly detailed and can be produced in quick time, making it possible to conduct studies and planning in a much shorter time span.

Traditionally, most of the GIS analysis has relied on satellite and land survey. However, the drawback of this “time taking approach” is that it is reactive—we have to wait longer for data collection and processing in order to plan the next move. In a high-traffic situation, only several days are needed to collect enough data required for an analysis.

Aerizone’s Aerial Documentation administrations are on the front line of innovation, offering our customers a one of a kind technology to summarize and abridge their projects in a progressed and polished way.

  • Map/Plan Overlay.
  • 3-D Models.
  • BIM.
  • Project Video.
  • Aerial Documentation.


  • Keep Projects On-Track and On-Budget by Having Access to Up-To-Date Data.
  • Aerial/Flight Documentation Increases Productivity by Connecting the Field with the Office.
  • Enhances Progress Monitoring by Providing Real-Time Reports.
  • Establishes Client as an Innovative Industry Leader and Communicating or Elaborating More Effectively.
  • Track Assets and Mark-Up Photos.
  • Access and Document Areas That Are Difficult to Reach.
  • Limit your Liability and Risk by Documenting Every Step of the Project.


Map Plan
3D View

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