Apr 29, 2020 BLOG

Drones vs Covid-19: 5 ways UAV’s ease the battle for authorities


As 2020 almost began, the world bare witness to a new threat, one which is invisible in nature. The Corona Virus, which originated in Wuhan, China has now spread all over the world and has been declared as a Pandemic by the World Health Organisation. 

With national and state borders sealed worldwide, countries are battling the Virus judiciously. With industries, households under lockdown, the medical authorities, regulatory bodies are having a hard time saving citizens, and themselves from the Virus as it is highly contagious in nature.

In a time where ground workers and authorities have to enforce lockdown, ensure social distance, and when stepping out is the worst danger one can face, Drones are helping authorities in very innovative and useful ways.

Here are 5 ways UAV’s are helping authorities fight Covid-19:

1. Disinfecting large areas-

Although ground workers are helping disinfect areas effectively, it becomes very dangerous for them as it increases the chances of being exposed to the Virus and contacting it. Today, UAV’s, are being used to spray disinfectants all over buildings, local areas aerially, saving lives and increasing the efficiency of the process. Drones are capable of carrying out this process with nozzles attached to them, which help them in spraying the disinfectants over large areas effectively.

2. Surveillance-

In a time when law enforcement authorities are having a hard time tracking the effectiveness of lockdowns, Drones can help in this process, UAV’s are capable of gathering large amounts of live aerial data, with capabilities such as GIS and mapping, drones are helping authorities track local areas on a minute level, providing live information regarding people violating orders. Not only that, Drones are being used to monitor each citizen, regarding people stepping out without masks, people violating social distancing norms, and also gives insights regarding the exact areas where further strengthening is required. This reduces the time and effort that goes into enforcement steps and has been giving great results.

3. Supply of Medical, Grocery Essentials-

The Corona Virus has resulted into massive shortages of medical, grocery items in various areas and ground authorities are having a tough time in ensuring timely delivery of essential items. On the other hand, Drones are capable of carrying out rapid deliveries of essential medical, grocery equipment. UAV’s are capable of handling such demands. Laboratories and hospitals today, are struggling to gain access to proper medical equipment. China has utilised UAV’s to deliver essential medical equipment to hospitals and laboratories. Although companies around the world are still testing this, Delivery of grocery items has also been conducted in the United States and Australia. Conducting these activities by Drones reduces the risk of exposure to the Virus and also reduces the time of delivery.

4. Temperature Monitoring-

Countries around the world are fighting this battle well, authorities are making sure that infected citizens are identified and treated immediately. This is being ensured by temperature checks at public places, being conducted by ground workers. Although effective, it increases the risk for the ground workers as it increases their chances of coming in contact with the Virus. For this purpose, UAV’s fitted with thermal imaging capabilities and infrared cameras are helping authorities ensure rapid temperature checks, on a mass scale over large areas. China utilised this innovation, by flying Drones fitted with scanners over residential areas and conducting temperature check on the citizens individually, in an effective and risk-free manner.

5. Broadcasting

At a time when news broadcasting platforms and information providers are struggling to gather accurate, live ground data by risking the lives of the journalists and ground workers. It is a much better alternative to use UAV’s for this purpose, they ensure zero human contact and effective information gathering. With advanced cameras and data capability, Drones are the best way Broadcasters can ensure proper, timely delivery of information to consumers, without risking the lives of the workers at site.

The world today is facing an unprecedented, massive challenge of fighting a dangerous, invisible battle which has locked humans at home. This is the time to utilise such disruptive, innovative technology to fight the battle against Covid-19 and emerge victorious as a community.